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Posted over 1 year ago

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We urge you to sign and share this petition to assist La Academia de Asociados Médicos de Puerto Rico (AAMPR) reach Puerto Rican legislators to form a law allowing PA’s to practice and bill as they do stateside with the main goal of providing care to the people of La Isla del Encanto.

"I have a vivid memory from when I was 17 years old, and I had to take my mom to the ER in San Juan, PR. She had abdominal pain and we spent a whole evening in the hospital waiting for her to be seen by a doctor. I remember her screaming, crying in pain and vomiting in the bathroom of the waiting room, which was not even that full of patients. Looking back, that would have never happened if PAs were allowed to practice freely in Puerto Rico."

~Nahomy Van Kampen, PA-C

“It was heartbreaking to walk past the line of patients waiting outside the hospital, knowing it was lawmakers that stood between me and an opportunity to help them.”

~Laura Juárez, PA-C 


Otilio Ramos, Jr. over 1 year ago

It's about time Puerto Rico legally recognizes PAs. Los Asociados Médicos estamos listo para proveer el cuidado médico que está tan escaso en la isla. Los legisladores de Puerto Rico deben cumplir con su compromiso al pueblo.

Pedro Bolanos over 1 year ago

It is discouraging, sad and very frustrating to know and to experience how many locations/opportunities are in need of our services in PR and even in other States to serve our communities and yet we cannot participate in the care of those in need. We need to be recognize so that we can provide/deliver our dedicated care. It is not about our clinical skills and clinical knowledge it is about a recognition that allows to be full practicing licensed PAs so that we can grow in the profession each day more and more. It is time to act on our behalf. Besides a nurse, PAs are the closest treating professional to our patients. Licensed PAs in PR deserve the recognition of their practicing profession anywhere in the USA or in the World. Thank you.

Is beyond human comprehension why this is allowed. It is crystal clear the Puerto Rican patient community has no voice or access to dignified professional healthcare services that they so desperately need. Please refer to my commentary on my LinkedIn page under the articles posted section.

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